“Relationship – A Boon or a curse?”


From the word “Relation” what is the first thought that comes to our mind?

That it is all about love or the way in which we are emotionally connected!!

The actual meaning of Love is accepting him/her the way he is and providing the inspiration to change. Love is neither a moment nor a feeling, it is the existence of togetherness.

Basically in today’s generation being in relationship is common. For some relationship is played as game, And for some it is a dream. We all look for a lovely and peaceful relation in each other. We really need someone on whom we can rely on, with whom we can share our despairs on, with whom we can pursue our dreams on, with whom we can live our life in!!

Relation is all about mutual understanding!! We need to understand each other’s high’s and low’s. Instead of concentrating on their high’s we need to try to focus on low’s. Why not be their strength?

Relationship has some crucial stages, like:-

*Being in relationship means having trust and faith in each other:-

Nowadays its difficult to easily trust anyone. The people we love for, care for, breaks the trust and leave us instead of looking for the truth behind it! We all have different problems to wear on. And its difficult to confess it to any other second/third person. In that case we look for someone on whom we can trust on so that he/she can help us sorting it out. Relation is actually beautiful when we really want to be with each other, not by spying on them or constantly knocking them with worthless questions!!

*Giving freedom to each other:-

The most important thing in a perfect relation is giving freedom to each other! You need to have the freedom to speak for yourself, freedom to follow your heart and the freedom to make your own choices. Always listen to what your heart says!

*The another crucial stage of a perfect relation is giving and getting time for each other:-

What does one need when he/she is in a bad/good mood? A company right? Why not spend some valuable time with them and giving a shoulder to rely on. We often notice a person in a relation doesn’t have much time to spend, and when he/she does they spend it by watching matches/serials, by going out with their colleagues/friends. We really need some time and concern from the one we love, either it be directly or indirectly. We create some memories and keep them safe for eternity.

*The another important thing is being calm and showing affection for each other:-

We really need to be calm and patient when it comes to matter of heart/relation. We need to accept their flaws and mend it instead of fighting over it. It takes time for him/her to change and comfort accordingly. We need to wait for it, everything will be fine and perfect with a little effort and patience!

Being on the context here i conclude my opinions about a perfect relation!

So what according to you is a perfect relationship? Let me know in comments below.

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