“Perfect Life” – A dream for many!!

Hey Guys…!!

Welcome to my blog!!

Actually this is the first time am actually attempting to write a blog!!

So let me start by introducing myself!

This is Shubham Agarwal from Bidar, Karnataka. Am 17 year old! Quite broken and depressed kind of!  Am not actually a writer or cool type ones! Am actually the one who had a dream of perfect life! 

Well to be honest i didn’t had any plans of writing or owning a blog! My life is damn complicated! Everyday a new obstacles bounces up! Everyday a new dream rises up! Everyday a lonely heart seeks for a careful heart! So ya lets come to the topic!

We all had some dreams and aims, instead still have! The only challenge is to pursue it!

We all seek for a beautiful and blissful heart! The only difficulty is to find it!

We all have certain standards and self-respect! The only solution is to earn it!

So what do you think a perfect life is?

Having money or being rich? , Having girlfriend/boyfriend or a family?, Having a degree or some beautiful memories? 

There can be many and valid answers for it! Just remember nothing is perfect and permanent in this so called beautiful world! The current generation seeks a perfect life as having a soul mate, gizmos, car’s, bikes, and some cores of property! For some its a dream and for some it exists!

Having such things is not actually a perfect life! For me perfect life is a life compromising with friends, love, care, respect, value, equality, and most importantly career! In today’s generation every person’s value is judged by his qualification and communication! Having just money and ego can never make you succeed in life!

Have you ever wondered, there are around 100 billion people in this world! Each of them has certain difficulties and dreams too! Around 25% of them succeed in conquering them and accomplishing it! Rest 75% either try to conquer them or just give up!

Someone said it true “handwork + dedication + prayer= success” 

Guys its true we all have certain problems, we all lead a life accomplishing each step ahead towards our dream! Haters will always try to pull you down! But that doesn’t mean that you are gonna discourage or dismotivate yourself! Take every negative word into positivity and move ahead! Life is always about 99.9% positivity and 0.1% about negativity! And it depends on how good you take that 0.1% to affect your 99.9%!

Maya Angelou, a american poet once said “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

P.S:- This is my first attempt so its short! Hope you liked it! Please leave a reply or email me if you have any suggestions! Loads of love ❤

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